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Popular fragrances introduction of scented candles in glass jar


Although the smell of a warm and romantic glass jar candles is very attractive, it has to be a little bit sloppy.

When you want to enjoy a delicious candlelight dinner, then the glass jar candles are not suitable for igniting on the table. Only the scented candles in glass jar can highlight the tempting taste of food! The scent of mint is clearly not suitable for igniting before going to bed.

scented candles in glass jar

Ocean --romantic, enchanting atmosphere - pleasant smell fresh and elegant

Lavender -- calm, calm irritability - moderate flavor and pleasant shades

Rose--romantic, and passionate, happy sweet - flavor choice than Ms. Hong

Jasmine-- calm nerves, warm mood and restore energy - fragrant flowers

Green Tea --refreshing, improve immunity - refreshing fragrance of incense vegetation

Lemon-- clean air, refreshing - light cool refreshing lemon flavor, fragrant

Sandalwood --One mind, relax, evil spirits, increasing meditation - shades of moderate

Cologne --exotic and charming, full of charm - mixed shades of moderate men preferred Hong

Lily --calm nerves, relax and feel - warm, fragrant flowers, floral, with sweet and elegant in it.

Please choose the scents as your require, if you want more information, please feel free to contact us.

glass jar candles