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Flameless Candles

12Pcs Wireless Inductive Rechargeable LED Electric Tealight Candles Flameless Flickering Tea Lights with Remote Timer

The flameless remote control tea light candles with timer last longer between charges if you turn them on and off manually instead of using the remote. Don't link two charger bases together, that requires an unique power adapter.

Product Description

OMPLETE SET - One complete set of HERO-LED restaurant lighting wireless induction rechargeable LED tea light candle system, including 12 led tea light candles, 1 charge base, 1 power adapter.

HIGH SAFETY LEVEL - Restaurant rated induction rechargeable technology with overcharge protection, UL approved power adapter, Low-voltage 12V DC charge system. EXCELLENT

PERFORMANCE - 8-hour charge can provide more than 15-hour use. LED candles can be charged more than 500 cycles. LED bulbs are rated up to 50,000 hours. Longer lifespan, safer operation and more convenient use. Candles flicker like a real candle, without risk of real flames.

WIDE APPLICATIONS - Ambient home LED lighting, Weddings Reception Lights, Special Events, Anniversary/Graduation/Outdoor Party, Holiday Decorations, Luminaries/Vellum Paper

Centerpieces, Luminaries for Christmas, Lanterns, Wedding Centerpiece, Table Lamps, Accent Lighting, Gazebo Chandelier, Mason Jars, Romantic Evening, Church Class. MAIN SPECIFICATIOSNS - Remote Functions: On/off, timer, flickering or static light effect, 2-level brightness. Charging Indicators: Red for charging, green for fully charged. Tea Light Dimensions: 37.8mm (1.49") diameter, 49mm (1.93") total height including 16mm (0.63") flame wick.

ATTENTIONS - The flameless remote control tea light candles with timer last longer between charges if you turn them on and off manually instead of using the remote. Don't link two charger bases together, that requires an unique power adapter.


Failure to follow these instructions voids manufacture’s guarantee

1. Batteries must be charges prior to use.

2. Only use power supply provided in this package with this charger base. Failure to do so will permanently damage base. Manufacturer is not responsible for failure to follow these sirections.

3. Product is designed to link maximum 1 charging units (12 tea lights) on one 12V1A power supply, link maximum 2 charging units (24 tea lights) on one 12V2A power supply.

4. If the candles are not to be used for more than 4 weeks, fully charge and make sure the on/off switch is in the off position. During long-term storage, the battery should be charged and discharged once every 3 months.

5. When using a new battery for the first time or after long-term storage, please fully charge the battery before use.

6. Do not incinerate or mutilate batteries, since they may explode or release toxic material.

7. Do not subject batteries to adverse conditions such as extreme temperature.

8. Store batteries in a cool dry place.

9. When find battery power down during use, please switch off the device to avoid over discharge.

10. Never put batteries in water or seawater.

11. For indoor and outdoor use (IP44).

Product Parameters

Model Number





2 key (on and off) 6 key (on off and timer)18key (on off timer and change color.

Candle Battery

Ni-Mh cell 3.6V

Remote Battery

CR2025 battery

Remote Distance



10 sets