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Scented glass jar candles using tricks

Allow the scented candles in glass jar to be refrigerated in the refrigerator for several hours before use to slow down the burning of the scented glass jar candle.

How can scented glass jar candles be used for skin care?

As a large scented jar candles manufacturer in China, we can wholesale scented glass jar candles with competitive price. Looking forward to your orders!

Beeswax Candle Instructions

Learning how to make organic natural pure beeswax candles homemade gives you a fun new skill and control over the ingredients. Enjoy using these, giving away as gifts, or even selling to your local community!

How to make pure beeswax candles?

If you are interested in producing or DIY organic pure beeswax candles homemade, please feel free to contact us. We'll tell you the details about that. And even sell good quality homemade pure beeswax candles.

How to use the scented led flameless candles?

Use the scented led flameless candles with your favorite candleholders. These decorative flameless candles let you enjoy the beauty of candlelight at a touch of a button—simply push the wick in to turn on and create a relaxing mood in your home.

The features of our cheap flameless candles

The perfect decorating flameless candles for wedding: These incredibly realistic flameless flickering led candles are a beautiful addition to any dinner table, party, bedside table, Christmas decoration and so much more.

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