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Antifrost Candles

Against Frost Candles

TOBO develops and manufactures anti-frost candles for protection of orchards and vineyards against frosting. If you need against frost candles, please feel free to contact us!

Product Description

TOBO develops and manufactures anti-frost candles for protection of orchards and vineyards against frosting. While burning the candles increase the temperature of the air by heating and a protective blanket of smoke that prevents heat loss. Our candles raise the air temperature up to 7 degrees depending on the quantity of used candles and weather conditions.

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Product Parameters

Temperature below 0°C

– 2°

– 3°

– 4°

– 5° /– 6°

– 6° / – 7°

Number of candle necessary for the hectar


250 / 300

300 / 350

350 / 400

400 / 500


(Figures given for a spring frost by no wind)

Always positive efficiency in the normal conditions of use. It’s better to position 350 to 400 candles in the hectar and to light(to switch on) at first 200 to 250 candles in the hectar and the rest according to the evolution of the temperature.