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DIY Hanukkah Candles Making Kit

Our DIY Hanukkah candles making kit including pure beeswax sheets and lead free wicks. Here is the method about how to make rolled Hanukkah candles.

Product Description

Our DIY Hanukkah candles making kit including pure beeswax sheets and lead free wicks. Here is the method about how to make rolled Hanukkah candles:

1. Measure your sheet of beeswax. Our pure beeswax sheets are 10cm*4cm.

2. Work on a board rather than directly on a table or cloth. The beeswax dye can bleed while you are working with the wax and it will stain your work surface.

3. Working with one piece of beeswax at a time, lightly warm the wax with a hairdryer. You will see the colour of the beeswax darken and look moister. You want to just warm it to make it pliable. You don’t want to melt it. It takes some experience to get this right, so try it on a scrap of wax before you work on your good candles. If it does get too warm, let it cool a bit before you work with it.

4. Place your wick along a long edge of your beeswax piece.

5. Fold the edge over the wick to trap the wick in the wax. This is the centre of your candle. Press the wax firmly into the wick.

6. Begin to roll your candle using both hands to keep the candle roll even. It doesn’t take long. Try to keep the candle tight as you roll and minimize air pockets.

7. Warm the seam briefly with your dryer and then roll the candle firmly against your board to seal the seam and even out the candle, keeping it straight. One candle is done.

8. Repeat these steps with each of your pure beeswax sheets.

Product Parameters


DIY Hanukkah Candles Making Kit


Pure Beeswax, Lead free wick


different color






45 pieces in a customized box

MOQ(Min Order Quantity)

3000 boxes