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Halloween Skull Candles

Halloween Skull candles are used in spell work and can even function similarly to voodoo dolls or poppets to affect a target's mind.

Product Description

Skulls carry powerful symbolism in many different cultures. It can be a simple symbol of death or of wisdom (the mind). It can represent ancestors and lineage. In some cultures, skull beads have been used in necklaces of protection and Skulls have been used in lucky by gamblers. Halloween Skull candles are used in spell work and can even function similarly to voodoo dolls or poppets to affect a target's mind.

This Halloween skull candles use paraffin wax and wick raw. The paraffin wax is free from chemical residues. They are made entirely by ourselves with lots of love and care.

For use with loving intent, you'd choose an appropriate color (probably white, red or pink) and dress the candle with an appropriate condition oil after giving it a perfume wash. Hold the candle for 7 nights while the person should be sleeping. Speak to the candle in a hypnotic tone as if you were whispering into your targets' ear, giving them instructions. On the eighth night, light the candle.

Which colors to use?

The following is a 21st-century list of colors used in hoodoo and other candle work:

RED - love, passion, marriage, victory, vigour, sexual spells. Red is one of the primary colors of the TaBo Halloween skull candles.

PINK - love, reconciliation, romance, clean/healthy living. Light pink and light blue are also colors of TaBo Halloween skull candles.

ORANGE - open roads, remove blockages, change

YELLOW - success and attraction of opportunities (other than love; see the color red/pink)

GREEN - luck, money magic, gambling spells, business, employment, good crops. The TaBo Halloween skull candles use colors of green with black.

BLUE - spirituality, blessing, mental poise, higher self, nobility, meditation, peace, healing and harmony. It is also the color of the TaBo Halloween skull candles combine blue with other colors.

WHITE - spiritual blessings and uncrossing, peace, purity. This is used universally for any spell in absence of the proper color. The TaBo Halloween skull candles color is white, but sometimes is combined with additional colors.

PURPLE - mastery, ruler ship & control, command, ambition, power, victory.

BROWN - court case spells, paper color for magic (brown paper bag).

BLACK - jinxing, hotfoot, crossing and destruction spells, removing hexes, curses and crossed conditions, mourning.

Product Parameters


Paraffin Wax


Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Purple, Brown, Black or Custom