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How to make rolled beeswax candle?


1. Trim the beeswax paper. Generally speaking, beeswax paper is very large, so it is not suitable for candles. You can cut the beeswax paper to a suitable size, such as 10cm x 40cm.

2. Put the candle wick in. Lay out the beeswax paper on the table. Place the wick against one side of the beeswax paper, leaving at least 2.5 cm of wick at one end and the other end flush with the beeswax paper.

3. Roll up. Starting from the side with the wick, roll inwards. In one direction, avoid the bottom of the candle is not flat or have a spiral. Apply just the right amount of pressure so that the beeswax roll is tight.

4. Done. When you are almost done rolling, use your fingers to hold the beeswax paper together tightly. Rubbing the candle between your hands, the warmth of your skin softens the beeswax and helps shape it. Put new candles on candle holders, success!

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