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Pros and Cons of Beeswax Candles


Do you wang to know more about beeswax candles?
1. Environmentally friendly: Beeswax is a natural material that does not produce harmful chemicals and is environmentally friendly.
2. Health: When beeswax burns, it produces less smoke and will not affect human health.
3. Fragrance: When the beeswax burns, it will release a faint honey fragrance, which makes people feel comfortable and pleasant.
4. Nobility: Beeswax candles have a better texture and look more high-end, suitable for some formal occasions.
beeswax candles
1. Easy to bend: Beeswax candles are relatively soft and easy to bend and deform, so they need to be kept carefully.
2. Easy to melt: Beeswax burns at a high temperature and is easy to melt, so you need to use a fireproof candlestick.
3. Flammable: When beeswax burns, it is easy to cause a fire, so you need to pay attention to safety.
4. Higher price: Compared with candles made of other materials, beeswax candles are more expensive and not suitable for daily use.