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Shaped candles are not only luminous bodies, but also important items for the taste of life


When it comes to candles, the first thing that comes to mind is that it can bring a little light in the dark. In recent years, with the continuous change of people's life concept, the function of candle is no longer limited to lighting, it has become a fashionable decoration, and it is an indispensable item when people create a certain atmosphere. Of these, the most popular are craft candles, which come in a variety of shapes and can burn with aroma or burst into colorful flames. In addition to popular shapes, people can also make DIY shaped candles according to their own ideas, making them their own works of art.

Craft candles

Craft candles are divided into several series of products, each series has its own theme and creates different effects. For example, the scented candles rich in various floral fragrances can release bursts of aroma when burning, which can play a role in The effect of fresh air and soothing mood; natural plant essential oils are added to aroma candles, which emits a pleasant fragrance when burning, which has the effect of soothing nerves and eliminating depression; craft candles are the crystallization of high-tech, and its raw materials are high Molecular polymer has the characteristics of no turbid color, no smoke, no toxicity, no pollution, no deliquescence, and pleasant smell. Its burning time is 3-4 times that of ordinary candles.

Shaped candles can also be handcrafted. "It is not difficult to make shaped candles. Compared with traditional candles, the production process of shaped candles is much simplified. Many three-dimensional shaped candles are made by pouring molds and then slightly carving some patterns." When we made When DIY candles, the makers can not only decide the shape and smell according to their own aesthetics, but more importantly, they can put the maker's creativity into action and enjoy the wonderful feeling brought by the process.