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Why Scented Candles Don't Use Beeswax?


The wax used in scented candles is usually paraffin or vegetable wax soy wax rather than beeswax for the following reasons:

1. High melting point: The melting point of beeswax is usually 62-64°C, which is much lower than petrochemical wax or vegetable wax, which means that candles made of beeswax may become soft or melted or even deformed in hot weather or under direct sunlight.

2. Large amount of smoke: Compared with petrochemical wax or vegetable wax, beeswax will produce more black smoke and smoke when burned, which may affect indoor air quality and health.

3. High cost: The cost of beeswax is usually higher than that of petrochemical wax or vegetable wax, which may lead to higher prices for candles made of beeswax.

Therefore, scented candles generally do not use beeswax as a raw material for wax.

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