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Why is the beeswax candle the "noble" in the candle?


Beeswax is a fatty substance secreted by four pairs of wax glands in the abdomen of worker bees in the bee colony. In the bee colony, worker bees use their own secreted wax to build nest spleen, ovary closure and feed room cover. It is popular to say that beeswax is a wax secreted by bees. A worker bee secretes 1 pound of beeswax, needs 10 pounds of honey, flies 240,000 kilometers, and collects 3.3 billion flowers. Therefore, the production of beeswax is very small. Each group of beehives produces approximately 0.5 kg of beeswax per year. Therefore, beeswax is very precious.

Candles made from beeswax began with the Tang Dynasty. Because beeswax is very rare and precious, only the aristocrats use beeswax candles. Therefore, beeswax candles organic are known as nobles in candles. There are also a large number of verses depicting candles in Tang poetry.

The raw materials used for making candles include paraffin, bean wax, palm wax, ghee wax and jelly wax. Only beeswax is a candle that does not require any chemical treatment but only physical cleaning. The beeswax candle is not added artificial dyes, so it is the most environmentally friendly candle. 100% pure beeswax candles can also purify the air when burned. Therefore, beeswax candles homemade are called "nobles" in candles.

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