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How to use our battery operated tealight candles?

Electric led flameless tealight candles are an instant way to create a warm atmosphere without naked flames.

Popular fragrances introduction of scented candles in glass jar

Only the scented candles in glass jar can highlight the tempting taste of food! The scent of mint is clearly not suitable for igniting before going to bed.

Decorative lighting with led flameless candles

Led flameless candles, also known as battery operated candles with remote or LED candles, bring you the glow and beauty of a real flame wax candle but in a safe and reusable form.

We aim to produce high quality battery operated candles with timer

Premium top quality battery operated candles with timer, ideal for homes, restaurants, hotels, bars, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, memorial services and more. Batteries Included- super long battery life, save your money on batteries.

TaBo can wholesale flameless candle fountain with timer

There are several types of fountain flameless led candles with timer can be choosed. Looking forward to your bulk orders!

FAQs about moving wick flameless candles

There is nothing wrong with your LED moving wick flameless candles; the rapid flicker is an indicator that your battery life is coming to an end.

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