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Bulk 7 day glass church candles from TaBo

7 day glass church candles packing with 12 candles per case.We light religious candles in times of solitude, prayer and in remembrance of loved ones.

How to make mason jar candles?

Scented jar candles are a perfect addition to your home. Although soy wax is non-toxic, we suggest you keep a pot just for making mason jar candles.

DIY beeswax candles is very easy!

Where to buy organic beeswax candles? Please choose TaBo, a professional pure beeswax candles homemade manufacturer from China.

How much do you know about the moving flame LED candles?

From moving flame effects to automated timers, the built-in technology of today’s LED flameless candles bring added joy and convenience to consumers’ lives.

How to DIY glass jar candles?

TaBo has focus on producing scented glass jar candles, tin candles, ceramic jar candle and metal jar candles for many years. More information please feel free to contact us.

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